Sleep Management

Gill Gaiser- Sensible Sleep

"With more sleep and better tools to continue improving my sleep, I have noticed that I'm more energetic and wake up more refreshed!"

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Give your mind a break. Relax and recharge so you can refocus on effectively and safely improving your sleep habits.

Inergy Mind Spas provide a safe, practical and effective way to regain control over your triggers before they interrupt your sleep pattern, using a combination of Mind Spas and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Mental fatigue takes it toll on people's lives in many ways. Including obesity, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression and the list goes on. At Inergy Mind Spas you can use our proven Mind Spa technology to stimulate healthy brainwave activity and improve the core language of your subconscious mind. Coaching and education will help you develop the healthy foundation required to regain mental clarity, energy and good sleeping habits.

Over 90% of our members have met or surpassed their expectations and over 96% would refer our services to someone they know. So why wait? Call Inergy Mind Spas today at 403 973 3749 and book your complimentary consultation to discover how soon you can start your journey back to a happy, restful life.