To assist my clients make genuine positive differences in their lifes, families, careers and communities... NOW! By using the most advanced accelerated change technology, training and disciplines I will guide, support and inspirit them to BE whole they want be.

Who is Inergy?

Rene L. Messier,

President and Founder

Rene Messier

President and

Certified with a PhD in Reality, Rene genuinely relates with people because he speaks from experience. An original "thoughtleader" and "passionate visionary", Rene has earned the respect of hundreds of clients and business owners for his enthusiastic example, and ability to inspire excellence.

Internationally awarded and recognized as a "Million Dollar Master", Rene mentors from a point of proven experience. Having started from circumstances many would consider impossible, he's overcome countless adversities to become living proof that you can achieve what you believe.

Now, as a certified NLP practitioner, skills coach and hypnotherapist, Rene has become an acclaimed author and professional keynote speaker at various seminars and venues, as well as the featured guest on various Radio & TV shows throughout the nation.

Driven to Inpower others to esteem themselves and become the permanent success they're meant to be, is why Rene's created and founded the Inergy Mind Spa Centers Group of Companies.

Come and see how you too can choose to accelerate change.