David DiFrancesco - Stop Smoking

"After only a couple of weeks on Inergy's Smoking Suppression program I was surprised that already I was down to only a couple of cigarettes a day without the cravings. "

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Give your mind a break. Relax and recharge so you can refocus and effectively quit smoking.

Inergy Mind Spas provide a safe, healthy and effective way to naturally help you quit smoking forever so you can lead the fit, happy life you want using a combination of Mind Spas and one-on-one coaching sessions.

At Inergy we refuse to "fool" your cravings or triggers with patches or gums that only mask the root of your smoking habit and leave you more vulnerable when you finish the program.

At Inergy Mind Spas you can use our proven Mind Spa technology to stimulate healthy brainwave activity and improve the core language of your subconscious mind. Coaching and education will teach you control at the core level to effectively help you control your cravings, triggers and habits before they become an issue.

Over 90% of our members have met or surpassed their expectations and over 96% would refer our services to someone they know. So why wait? Call Inergy Mind Spas today at 403 973 3749 and book your complimentary consultation to discover how to focus and get the things you want in life.